How Do Pet Relocation & Pet Transport Services Work?

Safe Pet Transport Begins Here!

Your pet’s safety is our top priority! We offer a variety of packages that you can tailor to specifically meet your pet travel needs!

Customize Your Pet Transport Services Package

Whether you prefer a hands-on approach with our Pet Travel Knowledge Base or require top-notch customer service and door-to-door support from industry experts, we have all the tools you need to discover the ideal balance between your budget, schedule, and peace of mind.

Review Paperwork

Once you sign on with us, we ask for your veterinarian’s contact details. We will work with you and your vet to collect your pet’s medical records and then we will review everything. We will update you if anything is missing, and we will provide you with a detailed veterinary timeline so you know what the next steps are. 

Permits/Quarantine/Health Certificates

If you are moving to a country that requires an import permit and/or quarantine for your pet, we will take care of that on your behalf! Once we have all of the proper paperwork, we will apply for the import permit for you. Once we have what we need to book quarantine, we will handle that on your behalf as well! 

We can also provide assistance with the health certificate prior to your pet’s travels. This includes transport to/from the vet, final veterinary exam, any last required treatments, completion of the health certificate, and USDA endorsement of the documents (if required).

Book Flights

Once have all the information and paperwork we need to make a flight reservation, we will handle all of your pet’s airline booking details. We book pets through the cargo side of the airline, so this works differently than the passenger side. Pet cargo bookings can only be made when the airline’s booking window opens, so this usually doesn’t happen until 7-30 days prior to travel.  

Travel Itinerary

Once the travel details for your pet are confirmed, we will provide you with a detailed itinerary outlining the pick-up/delivery times, flight information, quarantine information (if applicable), and a list of items to provide us at pick-up.

Pick Up

Depending on which package you have chosen, we will either pick up your pet directly from your home or we can meet you at the airport. We can also pick up your pet from a friend or family member, veterinarian, or local boarding facility. Keep in mind, that only our team can check them in for the flight – not you

Transit Updates

Once your pet is picked up, we will provide real-time updates so you know when your pet is checked in, departed, and landed. 

Customs & Delivery

Once your pet has arrived to their destination, we will handle customs clearance (for international travel). Then, depending on which services you selected, we can either provide handover services at the airport or deliver your pet to your new home, relative, friend, or local boarding facility. If your pet is required to spend time in quarantine, the quarantine staff handles transportation from the airport to the quarantine facility. We can then provide home delivery services once they are released from quarantine.