Some of our FAQ.

Pets onboard our vehicles will be fed per the owner’s food and water recommendations. Should the pet run out of food during its journey, we will consult with the owner regarding what the pet will be fed.

Pets can easily transport bacteria and diseases to other animals aboard. That’s why we require all pets to have a certificate of health administered by a licensed veterinarian. This protects our drivers and handlers and all pets involved.

However, it’s not just our rule. In fact, according to the USDA, all resident pets traveling through the United States need a health certificate issued in the United States with an official USDA endorsement stamp. This also includes pets traveling through the US whose destination country health certificates have expired.

With that being said, having a health certificate for your pet is required by law, and no exceptions will be made. We must protect all of our excellent drivers and furry guests.

Pets Wings adheres to a strict standard cleaning procedure in line with our values. We want to keep your pet clean and comfortable during the entire trip. Therefore, our handlers will check and clean kennels every 2.5 hours. In addition, we choose only pet-friendly cleaning products to avoid any adverse reactions to cleaning supplies.

We want to ensure your pet is happy and healthy and that they are having the ride of their life to their destination. Therefore, we want your animal to be clean and healthy as per our standards.

Having been in the pet transportation industry for a few years now, we’ve become familiar with some fantastic breeders and some fraudulent breeders. Pets Wings, we take the stress out of receiving the wrong pet with our pet purchase fraud protection. The pet purchase fraud protection ensures that your pet is coming from a reliable source and that a scammer or a low-quality breeder will not fool you. In addition, by helping you find your future family member, we guarantee that your new pet will be everything you hoped for and more.

In addition to our industry knowledge, we also send our clients a photo of the animal we are picking up on their behalf to check for validity before they arrive at your doorstep. Trust us, the picture is sure to be adorable!

Just like humans feel the need to stretch their legs after a long drive, animals need some fresh air and exercise! We don’t want to keep your pet cooped up in a kennel any more than you do, so we ensure all animals aboard Pets Wings receive exercise every 3 to 4 hours of the drive. In addition, each pet will get a 20-minute walk break.

At this time, we also clean their kennels and ensure they are happy and ready for the next bit of the drive. When giving them a chance to stretch and exercise, we walk them around the location, sometimes play fetch, and give them all the love they deserve.

No. At Pets Wings, we don’t believe in bullying breeds. All pets are welcome to use our transport services as long as they are domestic and weigh less than 200 pounds. For those that may be afraid of this statement, we urge you to remember that all pets will be cared for and paid attention to so they can cohabitate accordingly.

Yes! Pets Wings will never turn away a special needs pet or charge an additional service fee. We love all animals and will never discriminate just because one of our furry passengers needs extra love and attention.

Provide us with written instructions and required food, garments, restraints, etc, and we’ll be sure to keep your loved one safe and happy throughout the trip.

Yes! This ensures that your pet will remain safe and cared for no matter what happens along the way. We recommend that you talk more about the coverage and its particulars with one of our certified staff, who will be happy to explain the entire process and details to you. 

It is important to note that these coverage and crate fees are always fully refunded to our clients upon delivery of their pets.

We require a valid photo I.D. and signature at both pick-up and drop-off to ensure your pet’s safety. In addition, we will ask for the name(s) of the individual(s) expected to be present at pick up and drop off and will verify both during transportation. We will ensure your pet is picked up and dropped off safely and securely without any hitches along the way.

Furthermore, as stated above and according to the USDA, you will also need a pet health certificate to ensure that your pet and the other pets on our transport are safe and healthy.

Unless an owner pays a breeder directly, we charge a fee of 10% of our transportation service to arrange payment between a new pet owner and breeder. Payment amount, options, and security will be discussed during booking. If you have any questions regarding this contact us. We receive diverse payment methods such as Cash App, Venmo, Bitcoin, Etc to facilitate this. 

Because we have so many clients needing to ship pets from several states, we’ve developed a pre-planned route that allows us to serve our clients and their pets most effectively. This route can take longer than the anticipated drive time due to the care we put into transporting animals aboard our vehicles. Our route allows us to stop every 2.5 hours to let your pets stretch their legs and give our handlers a chance to ensure their kennels remain clean and comfortable.

It also allows our drivers to rest, keeping all animals aboard the vehicle safe. While this does require some flexibility on the pet owner’s part, we make it our priority to ensure each pet arrives home in less than one week. However, if you prefer your pet to get to your desired destination quicker, feel free to learn more about our private pet transport option, which boasts a drop-off time within 24 hours of pick-up. If you have any questions about our route, driving schedules, or pick-up and drop-off locations, please reach out to our staff! We’d be happy to provide more information.

No, pets must have a valid certificate of health from the vet and be in good health. 

Animals are much more aware of their surroundings than we give them credit for. If an animal handler is inexperienced, your pet will notice immediately and could become stressed as a result. That’s why Pets Wings hires only experienced handlers and drivers who are required to undergo routine background checks and drug screenings. Furthermore, Blue Collar Pet transport never hires someone who just “kind of” likes animals. Instead, we choose to hire individuals who love pets so your loved one is in good hands.